Rust Protection Mareeba, Innisfail & Cairns


Ace Tinting can help you keep your vehicle in top shape for years to come. We provide electronic rust proofing services to vehicles of all shapes and sizes, ensuring your car is protected from rust damage. Ace Tinting uses the most advanced anti-rust treatments available.
Electronic Rust Proofing — Anti-Rust in Innisfail, QLD

Electronic Rust Protection

Rust is often perceived as only being an issue if you live by the beach or go off road - this couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is our vehicles are under constant attack all year round from the environment and our harsh weather conditions, regardless of where you live. Moisture combined with oxygen and a loss of electrons from your vehicle's sheet metal panels makes your vehicle vulnerable to rust.

PVP's Rustproofing is a specific prepared formula which provides a protective coating that penetrates into the cavities and seams of the motor vehicle giving protection against rust. The product, when applied to your vehicle, gives lasting protection to your vehicle from the elements.

A totally safe, electrostatic charge is created across the metal surface of the vehicle. This electrostatic surface charge interferes with the metals ability to react with oxygen and moisture, thus inhibiting the rusting process.

  • Helps to protect body panels below the window line and underside of the vehicle from rust
  • Penetrates vehicles body cavities and seams
  • Helps to protect structural areas of the vehicle from rust
  • Protects bare metal exposed by stone chips and scratches
  • Enhances resale value
  • Environmentally friendly